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彭宸光 SmallWhite(小白)
丁澄洋 Told
严安然 N Ninkle
高烁 SecondBrother Sally Liu(作弊者甲)
沈智达 LXY Sarry Li(作弊者乙)
胡皓 A
纪晓凡 旁白
黄鑫 电教
杨欣雨 后勤
Told: Today we’re going to have an exam.
C: Told told us he was giving an exam.
SW: 李笑雨!!
Everybody: 李笑雨!!
SW: Teacher, please!
Told: What?
SW: Look what they did!
Told: What did you do? (看着SecB)
Told: Nothing? Nothing.
Told: OK, time’s up. Hand in.
SW: Shit! How could this happen? (把书包扔到地上)
旁白: This is CurtJiang, or SmallWhite, a Junior 3 student. Someone says he is obstinate, can’t take the changes around him. Sure he is. He’d just moved to another class for some reason. And the things happened there really made him disappointed.
He is now lying in his bed, thinking over the case he saw in that English test. He is confused, and with this confusion, he fall asleep…
SW: Who! Who are you?!
SecB: What, don’t you know us?
SW(慢慢向后退): Why are you here?!
LXY: Because we are here.
SW(停顿一下,然后向前走,绕过床): You cheated, didn’t you? You should be punished, shouldn’t you?
SecB: You’re only right in one thing. We cheated.
LXY: But we will never be punished.
SW: Yes, you will. You did something bad, and you shall be guilty.
LXY: No, we’re not. We have already done this for several times, in all kinds of tests.
SecB: You new guy from here have no right to criticize.
Told: You - human beings, always make mistakes, always feel guilty, but always leave things happen. You always do nothing to deal with facts, because you can only do nothing.
SW: But why didn’t you stop them? You’re a teacher!
Told: Different people have different opinion. In my opinion, you are a poor boy, because you’re out of hope.
Told, SecB, LXY(齐,逐次声音变强,向前走逼近,SW向后退): You are a poor boy, without hope – you are a poor boy without hope – you are a poor boy, without hope.
SW: No!-
SW: A dream? Just a dream… (下台)
旁白: Small White starts to work. He has found all his hope back, filled his heart with it. In his mind, the braveness conquered his fear. He talked with Told, but he said…
旁白: So he turned to some others.
SW: Ms Ninkle, would you mind if I take you a moment?
N: Sure. What’s up?
SW: Look, I really need to talk to you though you don’t teach me anymore.
N: Don’t say that, I’m still your teacher and here to help you.
SW: Alright, thanks.
旁白: Small White told all his experience to his pro-teacher Ms Ninkle. She’s really sympathetic to Small White and in agreement with him, that they should be punished.
N: I feel so proud of you and your justices. But you have to know that you can’t lose yourself. You should face it, and keep your studies as well.
SW: But we don’t see it, just let it be, what if they become more crazy, do more bad, break the justice…while that is unfair.
N: Don’t worry about that. It is our teachers’ duty. I’ll deal with it.
SW: Well, I hope you’re different from him.
N: Who?
SW: Well, (比划口型Told)
N: You shall have the chance to fight with your enemies.
SW: Thank you, for helping.
N: No problem.
N: Now we start with the case about the cheating of Sally Liu and Sarry Li. Prosecutor first.
SW: On Mar. 14th 2008, Sally Band and Sarry Li cheated in an English class. Their behavior were seen by all except our teacher. Though it was not a formal exam, these behavior had broken the rule of the school seriously. I suggest judge to give them a punishment, not too severe but can bring the fair to all of the students.
N: Confirmed. Now Student Liu and Li, do you have any disagreements?
SecB: I don’t agree with him. Because he has no evidence to prove what he said. Our teacher is with us, he didn’t see anything. How could you say that you saw the scene?
LXY: Besides, you are only one person. Nobody else can prove your saying, am I right?
SW(停顿片刻,音乐): You’re probably right. Maybe nobody else saw it, and maybe nobody else will stand with me to help me. But I’ll still stand here, gaze your eyes, because I know what I’ve seen. And I know the fear and guilty in your heart. I can’t deny what I believe, which is the truth. By my conscience, I must do something. What is right what is wrong, you know exactly, and me as well. I’ll not give up my decision and hope, because it’s our duty to keep the justice. So, I am here, waiting for the judge, though there’s nobody around me, though I might lose.
SecB: Don’t be stupid. You’re just a student, without evidence.
LXY: Say your prayers, you will lose.
Told(感慨地): You poor boys, our girls will…
A: We can prove what he said.本文转自http://www.5ixiaopin.com/
B: We’re the evidence.
D: We’re with you White.
N: Quiet. Sit down please. (朝SecB,LXY)Anything else to say?
OK. There’s nothing else to discuss. Court has already had the result.
According to the school rule, Sally Liu and Sarry Li have behaved against No.25 in Part5, while these were proved to be truth. Now the Court will give punishments below:
Student Liu and Li are supposed to help clean the school for 1 month.
If someone has disagreement, hand in more material in 1 week. (敲锤,众人鼓掌欢呼)So be it.
(谢幕,大屏幕打出SW的照片向Small White致敬,The story is based on reality>)